The BGMC Pro features everything the BGMC has, but also adds mounting holes, potentiometer control, parallel motor connectivity and stackability to the list! Perfect for ease-of-integration into a product, or for industrial settings.

Discontinued-BGMC Pro2 coming soon!

A BGMC, and then some.

This motor controller allows multiple brushless gimbal motors to be controlled in parallel via any RC receiver channel (1-2ms PWM signal) or potentiometer. The BGMC Pro, with its open "bare board" form factor and mounting holes, is designed to function as an OEM solution for professional installation into your product. Solder tabs are easily accessible, so you can solder only the wires you need, for a clean installation. Additionally, the BGMC Pro features two parallel motor connectors, making it easy to control multiple motors in parallel.

Unique Properties of brushless gimbal motors include:

  • Very high positional accuracy
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Large speed range
  • Enough torque to directly drive light to medium loads, eliminating complex, noisy gearboxes and reducing failure potential
  • Constant current draw despite the load allows for a virtually unbreakable drivetrain

  • The BGMC Pro has many potential uses. It can be used as a "servo to brushless converter", to allow servo-gimbal-controller channels to function as a brushless-gimbal-controller. The ability to bypass a gearbox entirely allows the BGMC to drive a brushless gimbal motor in high stress applications without fear of wear and tear or breakage. This allows motorized elements to become more impact-resistant. Brushless gimbal motors driven by the BGMC can also be used as direct drive wheels for a robot, or vehicle of any kind.

    The BGMC Pro is capable of driving any size brushless gimbal motor, from tiny 2206 motors all the way to the gigantic 100mm+ motors designed for large camera gimbals. Additionally, there is the capability to drive two motors in parallel, and motors driven in parallel can be different sizes.

    Note: The BGMC Pro is only intended for use with brushless gimbal motors, which are specially wound and have a high resistance. As a rule of thumb, do not use this controller with any brushless motor that does not have a servo plug output.


    BGMC Pro User Guide PDF

    BGMC Pro Features and Specs

  • Lightweight PCB-only package
  • PWM or potentiometer input
  • Internal BEC provides 5V to receiver
  • Simple to use, no setup required
  • Controls any size brushless gimbal motor
  • Controls up to 2 motors wired in parallel
  • Dimensions: 0.87x1.6x0.31" (22x40.6x8mm)
  • Weight: 16g
  • Max motor current: 7A
  • Max BEC output current: 1A
  • Power: 7.4V - 20V (2 - 5s lipo)
  • Copyright RoverTec 2018