The Ibex is a high performance wall climbing robot engineered for extreme applications. It can traverse any surface that is relatively smooth, such as brick, concrete, and even windows. Unlike some other wall climbing concepts, it features a generous ground clearance to enable the operator to traverse small gaps, bumps, and cracks with ease.


A powerful vacuum motor and fan designed to provide maximum static thrust without sacrificing efficiency is the heart of the Ibex. The fiberglass chassis features integrated wiring for the entire vehicle, allowing for a very lightweight, compact system. Four 37mm silicone tires, coupled with four high power micro gear motors provide the torque necessary to drive the Ibex up 90 degree surfaces with ease. This design has been 3 years and several prototypes in the making.


Ceilings are just as easily traversable as walls for this revolutionary robot. Under the right conditions, it is even possible to make wall-to-ceiling transitions, and vice versa.

A Complete Package

The Ibex is available as a convenient ready to run package, including integrated high-power-density Lithium-Polymer batteries, quick charger, and wireless controller. All that is needed for operation is 8AA batteries for the controller.
Now also available is the Ibex Lite for those who already have their own RC radio and charger. Check below for more information.


Small payloads such as this small 1080p HD camera are easily handled, with virtually no reduction of battery life per charge. This allows the Ibex to be used for all sorts of applications, such as surveillance and inspection.

FPV (first person view) setups incorporating wireless video transmission can be custom configured as well. Contact us for more information.



This includes the Ibex wall-climbing robot, a 3 Channel radio, and battery charger. You will need 8AA Batteries for completion. If you want a no-hassle plug-and-play experience, this package is for you.


Ibex Lite

This package includes the Ibex wall-climbing robot without the RC radio, receiver, micro DC motor controllers, and charger. This is great for experimenters who want to use their own RC radio setup, control the Ibex with a microcontroller, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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