Introducing the Best Wall-climber Ever

The all-new RoverTec Ibex2 is such a vast improvement over the original, you might not recognize it at all.

We have been extremely hard at work developing the next-generation wall-climbing vehicle. Three years and six prototypes later, the ultimate wall-climbing experience is finally available. From the carbon fiber chassis, to the high voltage power system, to the beautiful single-piece body, no aspect of the Ibex2 was left untouched. As a result, every performance figure sees significant improvement over the original Ibex. The Ibex2 features a dramatic increase in battery life, straight-line speed, and ease-of-use, just to name a few.

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Cleaner Than Ever

What do the drive motors, batteries, wiring and fan motor all have in common? They used to be visible on the Ibex, and now they are hidden within the Ibex2! A durable Nylon body encloses all of the inner workings, reducing the risk of damaging any of the wiring to zero. The brushless vacuum motor is now fully enclosed as well, for further protection and enhanced looks.

Easier Than Ever

Hidden underneath, the charge port allows quick and easy battery charging. On top, a simple, compact power switch turns the Ibex2 on or off.

Two Words: Carbon. Fiber.

The most extreme products require the most extreme materials. Made from real, 3k 2x2 twill-weave carbon fiber, the chassis of the Ibex is extremely strong and light as a feather. The high-gloss finish ensures that it looks beautiful as well.

MiniDUO Inside

Inside of the Ibex2 lives a compact power-distribution PCB, featuring an integrated MiniDUO motor controller for the drive wheels. This enables the Ibex2 to be as light, compact, and easy-to-use as possible.

Front, Side and Rear Splitters

Much like a race car's front splitter, the Ibex2 uses splitters on all four sides to increase downforce. The additional material doesn't look like much, but it increases the surface area by 17%! This optimizes the aerodynamics and allows the vacuum motor to reach its full potential.

Ultra High-Displacement Fan

The heart of the Ibex2 is the vacuum fan, which generates the suction that allows it to stick to any vertical or inverted surface. This fan and motor combination has been specially selected for this application, enabling maximum suction force while using minimum energy.

Premium Hardware

Stainless steel, countersunk hardware is used throughout the Ibex2 to ensure the strength, safety, and longevity of the vehicle. Stronger than aluminum and more corrosion-resistant than steel, stainless steel will remain shiny and intact for the life of the Ibex2.

Special High Grip Tires

Ultra high traction tires allow the Ibex2 to climb nearly any surface with ease. A special rubber compound flexes to conform to surface irregularities, and the extra wide profile helps the tires perform to their full potential.

Longer Battery Life

The rechargeable battery in the Ibex2 lasts longer than ever. In fact, at just over 11 minutes, the Ibex2's battery life is 157% of the original Ibex's! Now you can climb higher for longer!
Additionally, a high-brightness LED indicator reports the battery percentage remaining in real time.

High-quality Controller

A highly reliable, high-quality controller is included with the Ibex2. This controller has much more functionality than the Ibex2 requires, allowing room for the expansion of functionality. The controls are very simple; one joystick controls the direction and speed of the vehicle, and there is the ability to tune the fan speed to the desired speed.


In addition to white, the Ibex2 is also available in red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple upon request. Provisions are also in place to make 12V and 5V power available on-board, for inspection applications that require a camera to be mounted and powered. Contact us for more information.


- Length: 168mm
- Width: 180mm
- Weight: 400g
- Battery Life: 11 minutes max
- Fan Motor: High-efficiency brushless
- Drive Motors: High Power Carbon Brush
- Ground Clearance: 7.5mm
- Controller: TGY-i6S
- Available 12V on-board power: 48W
- Available 5V on-board power: 2W
- Charger: Lithium balance charger


The ultimate wall climbing vehicle, complete package. Includes Ibex2 high performance wall climber, quality controller, and high-speed battery charger.

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