40x12mm Wheel/Tire

Versatile wheel and tire combination for a wide range of robotics applications. These ultra-tough, lightweight ABS wheels and high-grip silicone tires are excellent for line-followers, sumo robots, or your next project!

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The Perfect Robot Wheel

These wheels were designed from the ground up by the RoverTec team to fill what we saw as a gap in the robotics wheel market. We wanted a wheel that had very high traction while also being lightweight and durable. Many wheel manufacturers offer some of these characteristics, but there is always some compromise. We found that typically, high traction wheels on the market are durable but also very heavy, and lightweight wheels don't offer high traction. We are excited to offer the first wheel on the market that has all three of these characteristics: high traction, light weight, and durable.

Other Features

Another goal we set out to achieve was a very versatile wheel that could be used on a variety of different shafts. The 40x12mm wheels feature a 3mm center hole that should fit most small gearmotors on the market.

The center hole in these wheels is molded with very tight tolerances, so it will fit your 3mm shaft tightly with no wobble or imbalance! Don't have a 3mm shaft? Drill these wheels out to a larger size, up to 5mm with no compromise in strength!

You do not need a D-shaft to use these wheels, a round shaft can be used as well, as the wheel is secured to a shaft with a stainlness-steel set screw. Two set-screw holes are molded into the wheel, to give you options in case you accidentally overtighten and strip out the threads.

Give your next robot the best of all three worlds: high traction, light weight, and durability!

40x12mm Wheel Specs

  • Dimensions: 40mm OD x 12mm Wide
  • Weight: 9g (including tire!)
  • Motor shaft size: 3mm (can be drilled to 5mm)
  • Tire hardness: 40-shore silicone

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